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love each other like you’re the lyric to their music

  • future

    create a future so that your kids work not because they have to, but because they want to

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  • and once upon an evewhilst gazing within the hazel to her i proposed to her,a sweet getaway amidst the pouring while oh she ever so sweetlyrestedon my lap her heart, revealed; only for me to cradle herin my arms as oh, i felt the weight of her beingagainst my chest while her lipsslowlyfound it’s perfect…

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  • the beauty and the beast

    and oh you, my lovedo not have to bethe most beautifulto be lovedfor even the beauty,fell in love with the beast.

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  • in between us┬ákissing

    and oh my love, i just love the pauses in between us kissing wherein oh my love you look into my eyes and just smile.

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  • the fragrant heart

    the fragrant heart

    oh the fragrance to her lies not in what she’s adorned with but within herself

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